Video Dump

I know you all are literally sitting on the edges of your seat with this blog title. This is just a post with a zillion and one videos that will hopefully put a smile on your face or make you giggle – maybe both! They sure keep our hearts filled with joy every time we watch them.


Flower Girl Lily

On April 11th, Lily was the flower girl in one of my BFF’s weddings. Erica and Danny asked her to be the flower girl forever ago it seemed and the day was finally here. All the time leading up to the wedding I was sure Lily would be able to walk down the aisle unattended all by herself without a problem.

Lily walked a little late (in my book) and wasn’t as comfortable all the time as I had hoped. She also loves to hold hands. So, nearing the day I was getting increasingly nervous that she would need to go down the aisle with me. I had all these scenarios playing out in my head and was giving Steve all sorts of instructions on what to do to help get her down the aisle. Thank goodness Erica and Danny are so easy going and didn’t really care one way or the other how she got down the aisle – they just wanted her to be a part of their day! 🙂 (Thank you guys!)

We all discussed and practiced the Thursday before that I would walk down as a bridesmaid and then run around the room to the holding area to meet Steve and Lily. Steve would sneak back in and run to the side after Lily and I walked down the aisle together – we would hold hands so she would feel comfortable. Then, Steve would grab Lily and have snacks and toys waiting for her during the ceremony. Lily is more comfortable with men it seems and we thought that if she was able to pick Danny out at the end of the aisle she would totally walk to him with enthusiasm. I was so nervous for her. Two other things to note – her dress was a teeny ensy bit too long so that made me nervous and I could for the life of me find a pair of gold dress shoes in a size 4 or 4.5 and had to buy them in a size 5 which was too big so that also made me nervous – tripping hazards all around.

The big moment finally came and everyone was so easy going and there were such positive vibes all around. I would like to note that this day was definitely not about Lily and about Erica and Danny getting married, but, this was a moment in Lily’s life and in her relationship with the two of them that must be documented. 🙂 Anyways, I got down the aisle, swooped around and came back. Lily was just fine with Steve. Then, we got in our spot in line. We were right after the ring bearer Luca went down with his dad. Lily was standing right next to me holding my hand. I was scared that she might try to go after then and bolt through the door or worse – throw a fit when the door shut in her face so that we could wait our turn. However, she stopped with me when they shut the doors and waiting. She looked up at me and I think she totally understood that we had a big job to do and that we had to wait. The doors reopened and she and I started walking. We (I) made eye contact with Danny and he was enthusiastically motioning for Lily to come towards him. We made it about a third of the way there and I think she saw someone or someone was making a face at her because she became transfixed. She couldn’t stop looking in the direction and took a seat in the middle of the aisle. I swooped her up and carried her the rest of the way. Wahoo!

She was so good at the wedding and behaved all day.

Erica and Danny looked gorgeous and the wedding was so nice! It was a great event and so much fun! I hope the photographers were able to get a good pic of her with Erica and either with Danny or the two of them together! At least one great pic! I am hopeful she smiled or giggled or something at the right time! 🙂

Thank you loves for including her in your special day and for being so chill with an 18 month old! 🙂 We love you both! ❤

At the rehearsal dinner with Carolyn


With the bride-to-be at the rehearsal dinner


Wedding day prep!



Ally and I all done and ready – minus dresses


The gorgeous bride getting into her gown


In the limo on the way to the venue!


My little girl in a dress at the venue running around before the ceremony




Must hydrate during the party


The back of her dress


So sweet ❤


My BFF is about to get married!


Steve snapped this pic and I love it! Flower Girl!


Family! Visit from STL/JNB!

To start this out – WOW! – it’s been a very long time since I posted. I created a note in my phone a few weeks ago to jot down blog posts that I wanted/needed to catch up on … and this is the first one on my list. You know how I like to do it all in chronological order and all. So, be prepared for a few posts a day for the next few days or so …

So, over Spring Break my parents came in town from St. Louis and my brother and his girlfriend came to visit all the way from South Africa! This trip had been planned for several months and it was finally here! I was beyond stoked! I hadn’t seen my parents in awhile and hadn’t seen my brother in months and months and had never met Lungi (face to face in person)! We all got together on a Friday and had dinner at our place and played with Lily as long as we could keep her up. She was a little shy and clingy but I think overall enjoyed the attention and visit. She definitely recognized voices and faces!

All of us (except Lily)


Lily loved her new Atlast of Adventures book from Uncle Brendan and Aunt LungiIMG_1692

Saturday we did our morning routine as usual as a family of 3 and then everyone started arriving. Lily went down for a nap at her usual time and we got some quality time to hang and talk as adults. Then, we played a bunch. My brother came up with this hilarious game that Lily thoroughly enjoyed – it was quite a workout. He took my bathrobe tie and tied it to a box that holds some of Lily’s toys. She loves to sit in it and then he dragged her in the box all over the apartment. Hilarity ensued. Then, my bro got the bright idea to swing her in it and he realized quickly that although fun, it was exhausting hahaha. We went over to Aunt Sue and Uncle Alan’s house for Passover dinner and had so much fun visiting with family. Lily especially loved going up and down their stairs!

Uncle Brendan and Lily trying to smooch!  Heart melts …


Uncle Brendan’s amazing game/workout


Grammy feeding Lily Mac n’ Cheese with broccoli ❤


Aunt Linny, Shane, Lily and me selfie! ❤


Sunday we went to the park even though it was a bit chilly. Brendan and Lungi went into the city and we had a lazy day at home. We all reunited at Aunt Gail and Uncle Jeff’s house for Passover dinner. Lily and Shane played together – it was too cute. Lily loved the matzah! We had a great time with the family and it was soooo nice all being together.

Trying out the big kid swing …


Monday was a special day for everyone (except Steve who had to go to work – poor SLM). Brendan, Lungi, Lindsay and I got to spend the day in the city and my parents and Aunt Gail got to spend the day with Lily. Lindsay and I met up in the city with Brendan and Lungi around lunchtime and we ate/drank/walked our way through the city. We had tacos in Chelsea Market and walked the High Line. We got drinks at a Mexican restaurant and then went to a dive bar that had champagne and wing specials. We ended at a rooftop bar and had views of the city that were unreal. It was truly awesome. There were so many conversations, so many laughs and it was so much fun! My parents and Aunt Gail picked up Lily from school and took her to park where she had an absolute blast. They read to her and played with her. She definitely had a ton of fun! We all hung out afterwards but were wiped!

Spices at Chelsea Market


Selfie at the High Line ❤


JahJah and Grammy at the park with Lily – she is having more fun that it seems I swear …IMG_1724

Drinks at the rooftop bar


Sister selfie (duck lips too …)


Jah Jah reading a book to his granddaughter ❤


Lungi and Brendan looking classy


At the High Line … we love and care about each other more than it looks based on how far apart we are sitting hahahaha


Tuesday was a shopping day. We took Lungi to some stores up by my and she got some great deals on bags and shoes! We all played with Lily a bunch and then Brendan and Lungi went back out shopping solo while Lindsay, Aunt Gail, my parents, Lily and I went for a quick walk to get some froyo! That evening Lindsay and I went to a Trivia Night and Brendan and Lungi went into the city for a romantic dinner.

Lily loved playing with this toy with Grammy


Should ride while JahJah pushed an empty car …


Loved this game with JahJah


Having fun times with Grammy


Reading with Aunt Lungi and Uncle Brendan


Wednesday was a sad day and everyone left. I had to say goodbye to my parents on Tuesday because they were going to be driving to the airport from LI, but, upon dropping Brendan and Lungi off at the airport my parents rolled up at the exact. same. time. It was amazing! I ran out to give them one last hug and kiss!

This trip was truly special and so much fun. It is not a secret that trips like these can be overwhelming and stressful when there is so much family in such a small window of time – but, I did not find any of it that way! I am so glad that we got to do everything we did and got to spend quality time together. It will be way too long before we are all together again! ❤

Smiley Stickers

I am blogging about this because I never want to forget it. It is just something silly and actually not that important. But, it is a part of our morning that always makes me laugh and makes my heart fill with glee to see Lily do this.

It’s not a secret that every morning Lily and I go to our favorite bagel place to get my iced coffee before I take her to daycare. It is our morning routine. It started with me carrying her in nestled in her infant seat and her sitting on the floor watching everything. Then, we progressed to me carrying her in and sitting her on the counter so that she could watch everything happen. And, now we have gotten to the stage where she must walk in and then walk all over the store. The store is set up so there is a giant “island” in the middle that separates the ordering area from the seating area. What is nice is that in the morning when we are there so early, I can see the reflection of the other side of the “island” in the windows. This means that no matter where she is I can see her. This is very helpful because 1) she likes to walk around and most importantly 2) they prop open the 2nd entrance door which leads to a staircase [danger!].

So, randomly two smiley-faced circle stickers appeared on one of the trash cans – the one near the dangerous door all of a sudden. Lily is now obsessed with them. She saw them on Monday and has remembered everyday this week. As soon as we get in the shop, she runs over to them, points and starts laughing hysterically. She also has this (gross) habit of kissing them. The coffee guy has assured me that they clean everything at night and we are like the first customers everyday so I shouldn’t worry too much. But, I still baby wipe her lips when we get to the car.

Anyways, she freaks out and screeches and points and laughs hysterically every morning at these two stickers and it is so adorable. The coffee guy and I laugh each day. She even started waving and say “buh bye” to them as we leave. It just makes my mommy heart jump. I never want to forget her enthusiasm and excitement over these trash stickers.

It’s a little hard to see, because her hand is covering one. But, the little yellow dot is the second sticker she is in love with. LOL


Fam/Friend Friday FunFest!

I haven’t seen Lily since Wednesday night (when she was a CrabFest because I wasn’t cooling her mac n’ cheese down fast enough for her to stuff in her face). I mean, I walked into her room and stared at her while she was sleeping last night, but that doesn’t count. I only got to hear her breathe. That isn’t enough. So, anyways. I had Parent-Teacher Conferences last night until 7:30 so I didn’t get home until 8:30 which means I didn’t see Lily before I left for school or once I got home. I also didn’t see her this morning. I was super sad. I really missed my little girl. I love our giggle battles and hide and seek and watching her figure things out. I cherish these times together because during the week (especially) they are so few.

So, after P-T Conferences ended today I ran into the city to see my friend Jane who was in town from Chicago and my friend Elana! It was awesome being reunited with them and getting to spend some quality time together just us girls! We caught up and laughed a ton and downed our fav foods at our fav spot – perfection! We had to cut the evening short because Jane had a function in the city – swanky! – and I really wanted to get home to see my baby bear before she went to bed! It was like magic that as soon as the bill came Giselle texted me to see if we had plans tonight! I did some quick coordinating with her and Steve and we planned to meet down the street from our places for dinner at 6:30!

I was really anxious getting off the train – all these people were in my way! I wanted to run to the restaurant to see my bean! Well, on my way across the street I could see Steve and Lily walking towards the restaurant to meet Giselle and Camden who were waiting at a bench. I started running – I couldn’t help myself – I needed to see my girl! When I got in view she saw me and started running towards me into my arms and I picked her up in a big swoop and gave her a zillion kisses!!! I was in heaven!!!

The five of us had dinner together and Lily and Camden got to sit side by side at the table. They were so good! Lily ate everything we gave her – chicken, pita bread, croutons, cauliflower – I was so shocked! Now, I will make her chicken sautéed in garlic just like Frankie & Fanucci’s! They shared and handed each other food and cheers’ed their glasses together. They loved having “big kid” cups with straws and lids and drank a ton of water! We even got them to give hugs and kisses to one another – it was too precious!

This is what I love! I love spending time with my family and friends and just having a blast and living in the moment! Lily walked the entire way back home holding my hand and stopping every few moments to touch the ferns and trees. She is too funny. Once at our place she paused to give Camden a kiss on the lips. I died. It was too cute and special. I love that they will grow up together. They already have such a beautiful friendship blooming. ❤

Love them!


Cheers pics – couldn’t pick just one …

IMG_1513 IMG_1514 IMG_1515 IMG_1516

And, we are kissing at 17 months … puckering up and all ….

IMG_1517 IMG_1519

Video too, because, why not?!



Lately …

It has been way too long. I am a slacker. Life just moves so quickly and it never seems to slow down enough for me to just sit and blog. Lately we have been consumed with Lily and work. It seems that each day is the same with a combination of taking care of her, playing with her, cleaning, organizing, going to work and doing more work at home. Not that any of this is bad or boring, it is just what it is.

I love that each day I get to spend some time with Lily and with Steve and that even out of the smallest amounts of time we try to create amazing and memorable moments for her. We often only get to spend 30 minutes – an hour or so with her an evening, but, we try to cram in as much silliness and activity as we can. Lily is a determined little girl. The little “seatbelt” buckle on her car has been her latest puzzle. She knows that the two pieces fit together and buckle. She just doesn’t get how to do it yet. But, nearly everyday she goes into the bedroom and will sit and try to make it work. It is the same thing with her boots. She knows they go on her feet she just can’t figure out how to slide them on and pull them taught. It is pretty cute seeing her little mind work. She gets very frustrated if we try to help her. She doesn’t want us to help.

Lily is on the go like woah. Girlfriend walks with determined steps and likes to walk fast. She is entering her independent phase – wants to feed herself, wants to walk around holding everything, wants to put her shoes and jacket on, wants to walk and go up and down steps, etc. She climbs on everything and makes a game out of everything. She loves to laugh and be silly – which I love so much. Her laugh and giggle is my most favorite sound in the entire world. Lily also loves to chat and sing in the car no matter what else is going on. But, as soon as we leave the confines of the car – she stops. She can be an observer if we are out – she loves to see other families and other children.

Eating is still a challenge. She eats. She loves to snack. It’s just that to get her to eat fruits/veggies it has to be form a pouch. I have blended together the same combination that is in the pouch and even bought the reusable pouches so that I can make her food and she won’t eat it. It must be in a white pouch with a picture of a red apple on it. We have even gotten the same white pouches with different veggies inside and she won’t eat it because its not “appppples”. She eats fruit yogurt everyday from Trader Joe’s that comes in a tube and I blended together strawberries and yogurt and she won’t eat it. However, I have succeeded in mixing in broccoli to her mac n’ cheese and she loves it – win! Lily is a huge fan of all carbs, dairy and blended frozen drinks (non-caffeine).

She is an excellent napper and sleeper. Every night we put her to bed with MoeMoe in the crib and every night she throws him overboard and then demands him as soon as she wakes up in the morning. She gives him and her Mini Mouse doll very hard hugs and kisses. Her new thing is biting on MoeMoe’s nose and holding him that way with her arms out to the sides on display.

She dances and moves to the beat anytime music comes on from the TV or her sound books. It is hysterical. She also loves to flip around – I will flip her from front to back on my lap or completely over. She always says “again” after.

Finding her body parts is a new past time and she never finds in inappropriate to pull her shirt up to show you her belly button.

Bath is hit or miss – loves the water and playing but hates getting bathed and hates water on her head. Hates getting lotioned up after but loves the massage part. Lily can officially pick her nose – she handed Steve a booger today. Hahaha Dada. Lily loathes getting her nails cut and it is a chore – I have to sit in a super awkward position while Steve craddles her, gives her a bottle and shows her a movie on his phone to distract her. It’s difficult to say the least.

We haven’t given up bottles yet for bedtime/nap time because it isn’t a huge concern of mine. Lily loves using the straw or her water bottle all the other times so whatever. It will happen. Not a priority.

As always, pictures are often way more fun than reading this … so here goes a photo dump …

The famous white apples pouch …


Reading about her favorite animals …


Carrying the recyclables all over the apartment


Playing dress up with my necklaces …


Making her toys kiss …


Drinking a vanilla bean frappacino … no caffeine …


Cracking up …


Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse …


Pigtails by daycare …


Finding her belly button


An artist in training


Reading with Grandma Atwell


Running … always running


MoeMoe at FroYo


Sitting on Dada because where else is better?


Saturday Night Fevers

So, this title isn’t all that accurate since the fevers were gone by Saturday night, but this title (developed by Steve) did make me chuckle out loud, so … it stays. This past week was horrendous. In terms of health and well-being for Lily and I. It also was horrendous for Steve who had to deal with all the snot and coughing and crabbiness.

It began on Wednesday morning. Lily woke up with a mild fever. We figured teething because everything is teething. She was happy and drooly and putting her hands all up in her mouth so, we gave her ibuprofen and sent her to daycare. Daycare notified me when I picked her up that she was cranky and had a fever. They too thought it was teething. So, another dose of meds before bed and we figured by the morning she would be better.

Well, Lily woke up Thursday morning with a higher fever and I woke up feeling sick as well. I figured it was just sinuses since my nose and head were all stuffy. We gave her meds and sent her to daycare like terrible parents because we both had to take snowdays on Monday due to daycare being closed and work was really hectic all week for both of us. Neither of us could spare another day if it was just teething. I felt like absolute DEATH at work on Thursday. I left pretty close to the end of the school day so that I could go home and nap before grabbing Lily. I took my temperature when I got home and it was a high 101. EEEKKK! I figured I hadn’t heard from them so she was all good! Phew! I was wrong! I got a text that her fever was back and she had had a terrible day at school. I immediately called Steve. I knew that I could not get her early and take care of her when I felt like absolute shit alone. So, Steve agreed to leave early when I got him after getting Lily. I spent the rest of the night in bed and went to sleep SO VERY EARLY.

We all woke up on Friday morning and things were worse. Lily had a 102.8 and I had a 102. 3. Holy mother! I started to cry from my fever and the fear of having to stay home alone with her all day when I felt like such crap too. Steve wrote into work that he had to be home that day. Thank goodness! I immediately called the emergency service provided by our pediatrician and the woman paged the on-call doctor. She told us to keep Lily happy, medicated and hydrated. We called at 9:00 am they told us to come in first thing. It turned out that Lily had an inner ear infection along with teething of her top left second tooth and her back molars! Eeekkkk! We got Lily her medication and I got more tissues, soup and meds and we spent the rest of the day indoors. I quarantined myself to the bedroom and Steve and Lily hung in the rest of the apartment. I slept most of the day and really needed to. My whole body was past exhaustion.

Saturday morning I woke up still with a fever and still feeling like crap. So, as soon as urgent care opened I went. And, I have the flu. Awesome. Lily woke up feeling pretty great and no fever! She had been on antibiotics for 24-hours and fever free by the time her friend’s 2nd Birthday Party rolled around in the afternoon so Steve took her solo to the party and then out for a dada-daughter date at one of his favorite restaurants. I took some more naps and went to bed early, again.

Sunday I was feeling better but not by a lot. We did our errands and then I was exhausted so I rested and napped. After Lily’s nap we did another errand as a family because we forgot milk when we were out before and then we had a low-key evening.

I went back to work today and Lily was back at daycare. I am really exhausted now and need to go to bed but, I am definitely on the mend. I am so glad Lily is back to normal and I can see that little tooth coming through! Wahoo!

At the doctor holding onto bunny. We left MoeMoe at daycare on Thursday and had to go pick him up on the way to get her medicine because a whole weekend without him would have been beyond tragic.


Lily wasn’t a fan of the birthday party at first – it takes her some time to warm up …IMG_0538

She loved playing basketball Dada said so on Sunday he bought her her own hoop … #daddysgirlIMG_0539

Lily joining all her friends …


Shooting hoops!


The pic I got while they were at dinner … Dada’s dates for the night – Lily and MoeMoe